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Mr. Morrison
Mr. Morrison, Ed.S.

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Mr. Morrison's Biology Class
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Thank you to my wonderful wife with all of her support in helping me reach my goal of receiving my Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I could not have done it without her help.

Thank you also to my family and friends for their encouragement.

I know that you might want to be there but can't, so the graduation is Friday May 2nd at 2:30 pm. It has a live video stream at http://webcast.oir.ucf.edu

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Welcome Fishyget hooked on science
Announcing Mousie

All current public school students should use progressbook

Valencia students- continue below


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Link for practice EOCA




Instructions for DNA chain model

Bell Schedule 2012 -2013Face Lab Questions
Science Lab Report Format
DNA Extraction Lab
Genetic Disorder Persuasive Essay
Plant Essay Paper Instructions
FANG Format (blank sheet)
Biology Web quest - Cockroach
Photos of Fish Farm
Photos of Shark Dissection
Photos of Lakewatch Program
Photo of Field Trip
Virtual Frog Dissection Web site
Virtual Pig Dissection page 1

Virtual Pig Dissection page 2
Computer running slow? Try spybot search and destroy
AVG Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Suggestions
Timber Creek High School Web site
Timber Creek Alma Mater

Timber Creek High School Alumni
Step-by-Step Explanation of Punnett Square
Sample Punnett Square problems
Weekly Planning Sheet
Human Body Presentation
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NOTES  (Must Be Handwritten for credit in your notebook!)

Biology Notes       

Honors Biology Notes

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NOTE: All bookwork MUST have full questions AND correct answers written out to receive credit!!

Assignment Date

- All work in the notebook should be in chronological order (from oldest to newest) in each section. The required sections are as follows:

1- Syllabus; 2- Notes; 3- Returned Work; 4- Lab Assignments

If the information you are seeking is not on this Web site, you may e-mail Mr. Morrison, or see me in class.

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